Nationalism is an obvious and impelling movement in the modern and contemporary world. It is a modern development. It has recently become an outstanding feature of states and peoples throughout the vast expanses of Asia and Africa, amid the traditional civilizations of Muslim, Hindu, Confucian, and Buddhist. In simplest terms, nationalism may be defined as a fusion of patriotism with a consciousness of nationality. Cultural nationalism may exist with or without political nationalism. For nationalities can and do exist for fairly long periods without political unity and independence. The Dominion of Canada contains two secondary nationalities: French Canadian, and English-speaking Canadian. Patriotism is "love of country". Love of country is an aggregate of several kinds of loyalty. It involves a "feline" loyalty to familiar places, a "canine" loyalty to familiar persons, a distinctively human loyalty to familiar ideas and usages. There may be various objects of these combined loyalties—of this patriotism. It may be family or clan or tribe.