In the world literature, the most positive and exalted types of moral personality are depicted pre-eminently in the literature of Russia. Incidentally, the traditional policy of the government of Russia toward subject races has been extraordinarily fair and generous. Moreover, in spite of the enormous number of victims of the Russian Revolution, this number is negligible in comparison with the tens of millions of persons — mostly foreigners — already exterminated by the Nazis. As in the case of the American Revolution, the armed forces did not invade, conquer, or annex foreign lands as did, for example, those of the French Revolutionaries, of Cromwell, or of Hitler or Mussolini. The net conclusion of this chapter is that both nations exhibit at least as high moral standards as any other people. Therefore in the field of ethical values, as in other fields, there is no fundamental antagonism or irreconcilability between Russia and the United States.