The fact that the Stokes-Mansfield affair occurred in a house that Fisk had bought for his mistress did little to lessen the bitterness of the Wall Street mogul. In the end though, he cheated the hangman and went down in history as the murderer of one of the most colorful characters to ever have walked on Wall Street. Despite his association with some of Wall Street's more seedy exploits, Fisk was well-loved by the citizens of Brattleboro, Vermont, where he had spent part of his youth and became an important philanthropist. A genuine American success story, he rose up from relatively humble beginnings in Vermont and through hard work, daring, and luck became one of the wealthiest players on Wall Street. Despite the gamblers, robber barons, and conmen, so easily depicted as representing all of Wall Street as a pool of sleaze, US financial markets have provided crucial support for the world's largest economy.