Teapot Dome, however, was a much larger affair, as it pointed to the upper reaches of the administration. Teapot Dome centered around oil. Fall was also busy negotiating a deal for Teapot Dome, Wyoming with Henry F. Sinclair and Mammoth Oil. Under the agreement Teapot Dome would be leased to Mammoth Oil, which would construct a pipeline from the Teapot Dome oil fields. The Department of Justice initiated five suits—two to void the Elk Hills and Teapot Dome leases, and three criminal suits, charging Fall, Doheny, and Sinclair with various counts of bribery and conspiracy to defraud. One of the stranger twists in the Teapot Dome scandal was the outcome of the trials. Teapot Dome ranks high as a major financial scandal that rocked Washington, making one wonder what would have happened to Harding's tenure in office if he had lived.