This chapter discusses J. Craig Venter's organizational structure and the funding of his nonprofit entities post-Celera. As Venter established his foundation, he set up a new nonproit institute, the center for the advancement of genomics (TCAG), funded by the science foundation. The Venter Institute continued the groundbreaking research begun at TCAG, institute for biological energy alternatives (IBEA), and joint technology center, Inc (JTC) in several major areas including: human genomic medicine; environmental and evolutionary genomics; synthetic biology; biological energy production; and high throughput deoxyribonucleic acid sequencing. After being fired as CEO of Celera and taking some time off, in the spring of 2002 Venter got started again founding four separate nonprofit organizations: J. Craig Venter Science Foundation, Inc.; TCAG; IBEA; and the Venter Science Foundation JTC. The West Coast Venter institute, a world leader in genomic research, as a focused multidisciplinary genomic organization, presently concentrates its efforts on three fields: Genomic Medicine; Environmental Genomics; Synthetic Biology and Bioenergy.