This chapter continues the story of the central business district (CBD) from a slightly different angle. In their core-frame concept of the CBD, Horwood and Boyce recognize the highly concentrated central area of the downtown as the "core" and refer to its bordering area as the "frame." The CBD core, as Horwood and Boyce define it, is probably the central part of the CBD of Murphy and Vance. Horwood and Boyce list a number of the core's "general properties." The core is the area with the greatest coecentration of daytime population, and there is a general absence of permanent residential population. Horwood and Boyce point out that it is at the boundaries of these CBD core subfoci that unique or ungrouped activities tend to develop. The frame as delimited for Cape Town immediately surrounds the CBD and is considered to consist of "mixed goods-handling and administrative activities, of public open ground and slum housing."