As Yale developed into a university capable of sustaining comparison with European models, it began to attract a more cosmopolitan faculty and a more socially diversified student body. All were elected to one of the Yale fraternities or Sheffield societies : two in Delta Kappa Epsilon, one in Alpha Delta Phi, and the fourth in Sheffield's Berzelius. Yale continued to admit a few Negroes most years, but there was only one Negro in the three undergraduates schools. By providing some scholarship aid for a few foreign students, Yale enriched itself as it helped others. Following the May 12 meeting of the corporation's Committee on Educational Policy, President Angell instructed Professor Corwin to obtain from the three undergraduate deans information on the number of Jews subject to disciplinary action. This data was subsequently sent by Corwin to Angell with a "Memorandum on Jewish Representation in Yale," in the event that the president desired to present it to the corporation's Prudential Committee.