This chapter focuses on an ultrareligious Jewish group called the Hasidim. The members of this group consider their goal in life to be the perpetuation of Jewish laws, practices, and observances, and their conduct is defined by extreme religious dogma and principles. The Molokans are one of the religious minority groups. There is a tendency among some Molokans to leave the city and develop isolated agricultural communities as the best way of holding on to the members and in order to maintain internal social cohesion. The Doukhobors are another religious minority group. They originated in Russia in eighteenth century as an outgrowth of Orthodox Church. The Mennonites are another religious minority group who came to America from various countries and at various times. The Amish are another religious minority group. The Amish people, unlike the Hasidim, are almost exclusively farmers. The Hasidim differ markedly from other groups in several respects. Most of these groups are agricultural, but Hasidim are not.