The manufacture and sale of religious articles provide occupations for many persons. These articles are used in the houses of worship for religious purposes or as religious symbols in the home. Since the Hasidic community is deeply imbued with religiosity, many articles that are not obviously religious to an outsider belong in this category. The manufacture or sale of Hasidic foodstuffs belong the occupations of all those persons who are engaged in manufacturing, preparing, handling, or selling food products. The food that a Jew is permitted to eat is called kosher. Kosher foods are subdivided into three categories, fleishig, milchig, and parve. In the category of nonprofessional occupations within the Hasidic community belong all those positions that involve servicing the Hasidic community exclusively. This category is divided into two groups: occupations for which some knowledge of religious law is necessary, and occupations for which no knowledge of religious law is required.