The Hasidic community is stratified into six distinct social classes: Rebbes (R), Shtickel Rebbes (SR), Sheine Yiden (SY), Talmidei Hachamim (TH), Balebatishe Yiden (BY), and Yiden (Y). Social stratification in the Hasidic community is based primarily upon frequency and intensity of religious observance. Social and economic characteristics are important determinants of position only if they are connected with ritualistic observances. At the bottom of the social structure are the Yiden, literally, the "Jews". Yiden are Hasidic Jews who observe the Hasidic norms but who are not distinguished by the frequency and intensity of their religious behavior. Balebatishe Yiden are the full-fledged community members who participate in most of the local affairs. Talmidei Hachamim do not have professional religious positions; they are learned laymen. The rebbes are the top-ranking religious leaders, and their authority is inherited from their fathers or other close relatives. Their entire behavior is thought to be ritualistic.