The Hasidic community has many religious organizations. Some of the most important ones are the religious congregations. This congregation have a synagogue or, as it is called, a "house of worship", or a "house of study". A place where social control is exercised in the form of a negative sanction is mikveh, the ritual bath. An important Hasidic institution is the religious school. In the many religious schools the children are indoctrinated in Hasidic principles. Most of the Hasidic religious schools have an English department which is staffed by part-time teachers of New York public school system and other private schools in New York area. In order to induce the individual member of the Hasidic community to conform to Hasidic norms, the community employs a wide variety of techniques and this chapter examines these techniques. These techniques of social control involve three major categories of sanctions, physical, economic, and psychological, and may take either a positive or a negative form.