In Marxist eschatology, the proletariat is cast in the role of collective saviour. The expressions used by the young Marx leave one in no doubt as to the Judaeo-Christian origins of the myth of the class elected through suffering for the redemption of humanity. The Marxist doctrine ascribed to the proletariat a unique mission, some say 'to change history', others 'to achieve humanity'. Jean-Paul Sartre, in his more recent writings, proceeds from this authentically Marxian idea that the proletariat only becomes united through opposition to the other classes, and concludes that an organisation, that is a party, is essential. When the majority of the proletariat is led by men who are dedicated to real emancipation, left-wing intellectuals need have no pangs of conscience. Ideal emancipation bewitches left-wing Catholics in so far as it expresses itself in terms derived from Christian traditions.