The study of Socialism among the Anglo-Saxons has shown that among these peoples all Socialistic theories must clash with racial characteristics which will render their development impossible. The Latins are guided above all by individual egoism; the Anglo-Saxons by collective egoism. In this chapter, the authors show that among the Latin peoples, Socialism is the result of previous evolution, of a system of government to which they have, unconsciously, for a long time submitted, and whose development they call for more and more loudly. The complete lack of solidarity, which is met with in all the Latin peoples, is one of their most hurtful defects. It is a racial vice, but it is very largely developed by their education. When the dust of ages lies heavy on the Latin peoples the philosophers of the future will be able to reconstruct their psychology merely by perusing the list of the subjects of composition which are given in great concours.