Descartes has been dethroned; his sovereignty in the philosophy of science has been at last decisively vindicated. The dualism of subjective appearance and objective reality is "a passed mode, an outworn theme"; the same dualism is the corner-stone of the new physics. As is known to all who have any acquaintance with recent philosophy, the division of counsels thus apparent at the outset of the new movement has persisted. The more significant issue, and the one specifically before people, being thus distinguished, it is worth noting that the arguments with which the anti-dualistic movement began were really irrelevant to that issue, that the opening assault was misdirected. It is evident, then, that the movement under consideration was at first aimed, at least in part, against a rather vague, confused and aberrant form of dualism, and was itself, partly in consequence of this, involved in certain irrelevancies and misdirected efforts.