The intellectualization of religion took a different form in G. W. F. Hegel where God was taken as a developing process unfolding itself as the Idea that goes from abstract Being at the start to the Absolute at the end. Living in a disenchanted world is not easy for most people, even for intellectuals themselves. Intellectualization is that aspect of it that has to do with intellect, the province of philosophers, theologians, and other thinkers prior to the rise of the intellectuals, but since then largely driven by the intellectuals. The intellectualization of the arts was a long and torturous process, but once complete it brought the arts closer to ideological politics. Ethics and aesthetics are practical value spheres that would appear to be least amendable to intellectualization. It is not just that ethics and aesthetics as philosophic disciplines were intellectualized, but the actual practices of morality and art were so as well.