Project delivery—the process for procuring planning, design, and construction—can be complex and wide-ranging. The specific circumstances of the project, including schedule, budget, and quality issues, will strongly influence the delivery approach. This chapter begins with a primer on project delivery contracting arrangements, ranging from traditional to nontraditional. These include Design-Bid-Build, Construction Manager as advisor (CMa), Construction Manager as constructor (CMc), Design-Build, and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). IPD, which involves a collaborative effort among architects, constructors, specialty subcontractors, product manufacturers, and engineering consultants starting from project inception, is defined in more detail. IPD is exciting because this approach can advance the best we can imagine and execute in design, construction, and facility management. Applying technology in innovative and creative ways in support of the design-construct-operate continuum is at the heart of transforming practice. There is material on leveraging virtual design and construction to support this assertion. The chapter concludes with a discussion of success strategies in Design–Build partnerships, which crystallizes the critical issues related to this form of project delivery.