This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book deals with legal pluralism in Kyrgyzstan, specifically with local jurisdiction and customary practices of managing trouble-cases. It presents theoretical questions, research design, historical background and social organization. The book argues that each person is the focal point of a set of multilateral ties extending over a wide area, and interwoven with other sets of ties radiating from different centres. It also argues that a number of other ad hoc mediators or acquaintances bearing special personal and social characteristics may be asked or hired for different purposes, e.g. apology-asking, mediation and judgment within a disputing and negotiation process. The book analyses the local apology – kechirim suroo and aldɪna tushuu – as constituting an initial step towards a face-to-face resolution of conflict, and as a prelude to fruitful negotiation and meaningful reparation.