Despite uncertainty about Alfarabi’s place of birth and the early years of his life, there is general agreement that he was born in approximately 870 CE, beyond the Oxus River—either in Farab, Kazakhstan, or Faryb, Turkestan. In the course of his life, AbuNasr Muchamad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Tarkh n Ibn Awzalagh al-Farabi resided in Bukhara, Marv, Haran, Baghdad, Constantinople, Aleppo, Cairo, and Damascus, where he died in 950. He studied Islamic jurisprudence and music in Bukhara then moved to Marv, where he began to study logic with a Nestorian Christian monk, Yuhanna Ibn Hayln. While in his early 20s, Alfarabi went to Baghdad and continued to study logic and philosophy with Hayln.