There is a growing interest in providing relaxation and meditation techniques for pupils but unfortunately, like so many things in education, this kind of 'extra-curricular' activity relies mainly on the conviction, interest, enthusiasm or expertise of particular individuals and the support of the leadership in the school. Most people in education are familiar with Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. However, there is growing recognition that spiritual quotient (SQ) does exist, that it is equally as important as intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) and that it may be measurable. There is growing concern globally about the children's emotional health and wellbeing with relaxation, meditation and visualisation techniques increasing in credibility as a possible 'road to recovery'. In Thailand meditation forms a natural part of the curriculum. Stress is now being recognised by governments and world health organisations as a big issue and it is also being cited as the root cause of many illnesses.