The purpose of 'Stillpoints' for Children CD is to provide teachers with a specialised tool for helping children to access their 'inner stillness'. This chapter includes some of the 'jewels in the crown': the children's comments after experiencing the different tracks on the CD. The chapter discusses the seven different tracks. Track 1 focuses on basic relaxation and introduces the concept of relaxation and visualisation. Track 2 focuses on the heart meditation, love and feeling loved. Track 3 focuses on quiet and stillness, encouraging children to feel peacefulness and calm. Track 4 revisits the 'special place' and helps children deal with their worries. Track 5 focuses on being still and silent. Track 6 and track 7 focuses on children as learners using the analogy of a learning tree. After listening to various different tracks, many children commented that they felt more alert, awake and rested and that the music helped them to visualise.