Educational Therapeutics is the term used to summarise the theoretical approach which lies behind the A Quiet Place intervention. The purpose of Educational Therapeutics is to facilitate individual change through greater awareness of the choices and possibilities available, supporting the individual to find the energy or means to implement change and actualise the identified options. Educational Therapeutics emphasises the importance of personalised and differentiated, creative, innovative and fun approaches to working with self-esteem. The 'energy' component of the model represents the manner in which Educational Therapeutics makes explicit that which is usually implicit or even ignored in the usual therapeutic models. Educational Therapeutics as a model has been developed and expanded into an 18-hour training programme, which provides a clear exposition of the philosophical and practical elements of the process. The therapeutic process is one of facilitation towards self-knowledge and self-healing, a natural process of the body and mind. The individual is viewed holistically, incorporating body, mind, emotions and spirit.