Brains need to be relaxed to learn best. Ready Steady Learn (RSL) is based on classroom relaxation techniques which have proved effective in everyday practice. They are designed to start off every lesson with three to five minutes of simple exercises that get the brain ready to learn. Listening, concentration, and following the instruction are key skills for learning. RSL offers a variety of approaches that will help to develop these skills including: good posture, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, creative visualisation, and tachistoscopic training. Learning how to breathe correctly is important for all children, but especially those under stress. Music is a very powerful tool to change the rates of the brain's electrical activity and prepare the mind for learning. Oxygenating the brain allows the brain to think properly as well as enhancing the immune system. Many children and adults do not know how to breathe in a way which provides a supply of oxygen sufficient to enhance brain functioning.