This chapter discusses the case of Kirsten, a 36-year-old, single, investment broker. Kirsten was doing well at her firm, but thought that she was not utilising her potential at work. Kirsten was recommended to psychologists by a friend of hers who they had coached in the previous year. They regard the strengths and resources as the foundations of development-focused cognitive-emotive-behavioural coaching (DF-CEBC). Kirsten agreed with the formulation and therefore the psychologists treated the issue as one that needed DF-CEBC rather than emotional problem-focused CEBC (EPF-CEBC). Kirsten needed very little input from psychologists in implementing her dating-related action plan. Kirsten went to her support network and asked for their help and received a supportive and compassionate response and was given some leads about meeting some eligible men. Kirsten's success at meeting her work-related objective brought immediate results – her portfolio profits increased and both her clients and her employer were very pleased with the change in her investing behaviour.