This chapter discusses the case of Lionel, a 33-year-old manager. Lionel was struggling a little at work and his own line manager recommended that he see one of the company's internal coaches, but Lionel was uncomfortable with this idea, preferring to see a coach outside the company. Lionel wanted specifically to see a cognitive-behavioural coach because his friend had had cognitive-behavioural therapy and from what he said Lionel liked some of the ideas and thought that they could be helpful to him. After some research, Lionel found Simon, a cognitive-emotive-behavioural (CEB) coach who he contacted on the number on Simon's website. As Lionel elaborated on his problem with Simon, it became clearer that his problem was practical rather than emotional in nature. After clarifying Lionel's problem, Simon suggested that they brainstorm possible solutions to the problem as manifest in Lionel managing his own workload and managing others.