Development-focused cognitive-emotive-behavioural coaching (DF-CEBC) is coaching that is focused on helping coachees to develop themselves. This chapter discusses a framework for implementing the DF-CEBC. The approach within CEBC that has the most to offer DF-CEBC, in that it provides coaches with a set of principles for coachee development, is Rational Emotive Behavioural Coaching (REBC). It is true that holding flexible and non-extreme attitudes will help the coachee to strive towards development-based growth when they are adversity free. It is important that the coachees accept full responsibility for their responses to life events and for whether or not they initiate a process of self-development. Scientific thinking will help the coachees to view their inferences as hunches about reality rather than as facts, and are prepared to examine the accuracy of these inferences by looking at the available evidence. It is useful to encourage the client to adopt a realistic approach to DF-CEBC.