Jakarta's untiring efforts at finding a peaceful solution to the Kampuchean question had profound influence on the parties concerned which, though hesitated initially, approved of the 'Cocktail Party' framework ultimately. As the congenial environment was beginning to prevail, certain events which threatened to undermine the proposed Jakarta Informal Meeting (JIM) were noticed. The two-tiered informal meeting was inaugurated by Ali Alatas, Chairman of the parleys. In his opening address, Alatas said that the Cambodian problem was one of the issues affecting the regional and international situation. Even though the working group meeting contributed precious little in sorting out the differences among Khmer factions, the talks were not ultimately insignificant as they led to a unanimous decision to hold JIM II talks subsequently in January 1989. The Kampuchean issue was discussed in detail after an interval of two months by the two communist giants when the Soviet Foreign Minister paid a visit to China on February 2–4, 1989.