Documenting genocide in the modern age is one of the most delicate and sensitive matters. Genocide is the most barbaric crime and has long-term effects. Cold-blooded state-organized mass murder is not an exceptional crime. Genocide is a phenomenon known since ancient times; it means actions carried out by a state with the intent to systematically kill a particular community of people or social collectivity, resulting in destroying the targeted group in whole or in part. Partial genocide means that the perpetrators aimed at destruction-in-part of a particular community or group of people in order to dominate the group. Total genocide means that the perpetrators were aiming at destruction-in-whole of a particular community of peoples and the result was accordingly. The intentions of the killers are expressed in their exterminatory ideology. This ideology will always take up older stereotypes. The aim of the power elite is to single out and exclude a group as 'enemy of state and society'.