This chapter reveals Eve as figure of the Christian women's fusion of an agenda arising from unfinished 'first-wave' feminism with a new 'second-wave' feminist consciousness, centred on an unequivocal affirmation of women's autonomy, mutuality and sexuality. Secular socialist feminism and religious radical feminism, alike, affirm the new constructive capacity of women, activated through the Women's Liberation Movement. Christian feminist publications and newsletters show that the Greenham Common Peace Camp, established in 1981, was a focal event in life of the 1980s British Christian women's movement. Women involved with Womanspirit also participated at Greenham, and practised Womanspirit ritual there. Catholic interest in 'the feminine' is reflected in events organised by the Grail Community. The effect of the Catholic 'feminine' was to resist the new direction indicated by 'second-wave' Christian feminism, by encouraging allegiance to the older rehabilitative strategy. The chapter examines six aspects of Anglican explorations of sexuality, where old and new elements appear, beginning with the writings of Una Kroll.