This chapter examines the development of the explicit Eve theme in relation to Christian women's activity. It reveals that, concurrent with the first Christian Women's Information and Resources (CWIRES) phase, the radical critique of the Christian churches arising in pre-CWIRES 'second-wave' feminism, within the radical Christian current, was eclipsed by widespread optimism over the imminence of change, within the first three currents in the churches. The chapter exposes the pivotal role played by the ongoing Anglican ordination campaign, both in providing a common focus for the disparate groups and projects represented within the British Christian women's movement of the 1970s and 1980s, and in forming its rehabilitative ethos. It also distinguishes contrasting forms of Christian women's activity in relation to discrete denominational churches. Shared 'second-wave' Christian feminist consciousness creates and maintains the links between the Quaker Women's Group (QWG) and Unitarian Women's Group (UWG), and the wider Christian women's movement.