This chapter clarifies the interrelation of 'feminist theology' with Christian women's consciousness, activity and theology. It focuses on the outstanding contributions of two women, whose committed participation in the Christian women's movement of the 1970s and 1980s included original theological writing, namely Janet Morley and Angela West. Feminist theology as 'second-wave' Christian feminist consciousness-raising (CR) finds its strongest example in the writings of Judith Jenner, and the practice of the Feminist Theology Project (FTP). Feminist theology as corrective of patriarchal theology is implied in 'weak' form, in arguments stressing the benefits of the inclusion of women in the churches, and in strong form, beginning with Una Kroll's 1976 article. Christian Women's Information and Resources (CWIRES) Eve references fall into three groups. The first group comprises radical Christian critique; the second, writings from the boundary between the Christian women's movement and Womanspirit, and the third group comprises writings associated with the central Christian women's project.