This chapter discusses the family and the Biraderi, or social network of kinship/friendship relationships. It gives a general account of institution of the Pakistani family in its original setting in the Punjab, Pakistan. The chapter discusses state of Pakistani family and its adaptation to new social and cultural environment in Edinburgh. It focuses on a detailed examination of socialisation of British-bom children of Pakistani parents, and on parental authority, as two major mechanisms of social control in the Pakistani family, in Edinburgh. The chapter discusses the institution of the Biraderi that links families and individuals in a kinship/friendship framework. It describes forms and structure of the Biraderi in Edinburgh. The chapter analyses Lina Dina or form of institutionalised reciprocity and the way it creates mutual obligations, interdependence and communitarianism among members of the Biraderi. It focuses on analysis of Izzet and Bizati that operate as powerful mechanisms of social control within the communitarian structure of the Biraderi among Edinburgh's Pakistanis.