This chapter presents the results from the quantitative empirical stage of the research design. Phase II of the empirical research consisted of a survey of the spatial data sharing perspectives of key individuals within organisations that are involved with Geographic Information Systems applications. In the presentation of the results of the survey in the chapter, the distribution of the responses to each question is indicated by the percentage of respondents who chose each point on the scale. It summarises the self-report of actual spatial data sharing in South Africa. The results of assessing the normative beliefs underlying 'social pressure' are presented for each of the five domains in the following sub-sections. The first 'attitude' domain is made up of beliefs about resource outcomes. The second domain under 'attitude' deals with beliefs about organisational activities. The third 'social pressure' domain is institutional pressure. The fourth domain within 'social pressure' is organisational pressure. The last domain under 'social pressure' is moral norms.