This final perspective on the uses of e-HR looks at a number of ways in which e-HR solutions are being used in what might be described as motivational ways, providing extra services and information to employees that can enhance their working lives in some way. These include: concierge and other external services, total compensation statements, allowing employees to explore in more detail the full extent of their rewards for working, over and above their take-home pay. Online flex applications have been popular in the United States for a number of years, mainly because of the need for private health-care policies, and they are just starting to become popular in Europe. Lucent Technologies have operated a 'Benefit Answers' site on their intranet since 1996. This provides extensive information on benefits available to employees. Lucent estimates that it saved $1.2 million during its first year of operation through eliminating the need to distribute paper-based information on benefits to employees.