There are fewer melodies of the tenth-century Aquitanian Kyrie repertory on E than on either D or G; only three of them are as elaborate and ambitious as the early D-final melodies, such as Clemens rector aeterne or Conditor rerum alme. These are the three elaborate tenth-century E-final Kyries: REX MAGNE DOMINE Mel. 124KYRIE ELEISON Mel. 42aKYRIE DEUS SEMPITERNE Mel. 142 In addition, there are three very short Kyries with phrases just long enough to accommodate petitions of the Greek text: KYRIE ELEISON Mel. 217KYRIE ELEISON Mel. 135KYRIE ELEISON Mel. 103. Of all the other E-final Kyries, Kyrie eleison Mel. 155 resembles Rex magne domine most, and shares with it many melodic details and several similar phrase shapes. Phrase 4 of Kyrie eleison Mel. 155 and phrase 5 of Rex magne domine also resemble each other. The two phrases close similarly and they agree also just after the beginnings of the phrases.