The earliest Aquitanian Kyrie sources from around the year 1000, and presumably representing the tenth-century repertory, contain eight G-final Kyries. These eight G-final kyries are: KYRI URBS CAELESTIS Mel. 24, KYRIE ELEISON Mel. 47, TIBICHRITE SUPPLICES Mel. 55, KYRIE ELEISON Mel. 64, KYRIE ELEISON Mel. 68, KYRIE ELEISON Mel. 70, KYRIE ELEISON Mel. 216, KYRIE ELEISON Mel. 225. The first seven of these Kyries are as elaborate and as ambitious as the early D-final Kyries. But the last one is not: KYRIE ELEISON Mel, 225 is built from just three different phrases, and although each phrase is long, the melody on a whole is formally simpler than the others. Being among the most widespread of Kyries, Kyrie eleison Mel. 68 appears in nearly all the early Aquitanian tropers as well as in a great many other sources throughout Europe. Few Kyries in the early Aquitanian repertory appear uniquely in a single form.