The two largest Kyrie collections from the late eleventh century, Pa 779 and Pa 903, each contain only one melody not found in one of the five earlier sources. Indeed, only four other eleventh-century Aquitanian sources, all dating from mid-century or later, contain more than one Kyrie melody not found in the tenth-century repertory: Pa 1139 and Pa 1177 each include two; Pa 1871 includes four; Apt 17 includes five. The melodies added to the Aquitanian Kyrie repertory during the eleventh century are built, like those of the tenth-century repertory, on D, E, or G; there is also one eleventh-century melody built on F. The distribution of melodies among the various finals is about the same as with the oldest melodies. Six of the fourteen melodies are built on D, Two are built on E:, one on F, five on G.