For the broadcast and basic cable networks that are still scheduled in rigid timeslots and beholden to advertisers and commercial breaks, categorization still matters a lot. Broadcast networks still need to fill their primetime schedules with series that work in particular timeslots, and they'll often utilize a proven ratings hit as a launching pad for a new show. James L. Brooks is best known for his Emmy Award-winning MTM Enterprises sitcoms; the equally lauded sitcom Taxi; and Oscar-bait movies. Norman Lear pushed the envelope on his classic multi-camera sitcoms in the 1970s by balancing laugh-out-loud jokes and funny situations in front of a live studio audience, while also dealing with the controversial issues of race, religion, gender and politics. Multi-camera sitcoms are, by design, formulaic, familiar and reassuring and must be funny. HBO's Sex and the City indeed blazed the trail for women-focused dramedies such as Girls and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.