Intellectual Property is the result of creativity. By law, the owner of a "creation of the intellect," such as a comic book, is assigned a monopoly. Copyright is the exclusive legal right granting the creator/originator of a "work," for instance, a novel or memoir, to print, publish, perform, film or record it. Copyright Infringement refers to the use of the "work" without permission from the copyright holder. Works that are in the "public domain" are not held under copyright, trademark or patent law. There have been numerous films and TV movies based upon the lifestyles of the rich and infamous, from Marilyn Monroe to Bernie Madoff. Norman Lear rebooted his classic 1975-1984 CBS sitcom, One Day at a Time, which now airs on Netflix and centers around three generations of a Cuban-American family, who live under the same roof. A controversial, cultural phenomenon when it first aired on ABC in 1990, Twin Peaks was ahead of its time.