This chapter discusses character development and plotting as it applies to the moral, gray areas in life and the choices people make. Often, great TV series end up subverting our expectations over time, or even transcending them. Carrie Mathison plasters the walls of a room in the house with photos and information. She tries to figure out, of all the people she's dealt with since Season 1 of the show, who are her enemies, the associates of her enemies, the people most likely to target her. In Sliding Doors, a metaphysical movie set in London in the late '90s, Gwyneth Paltrow plays Helen, a British girl whose life splits in half after narrowly missing/just managing to catch a subway train. Crash, Traffic, Syriana and Amores Perros are movies with a kaleidoscopic approach that present several different aspects of one bigger, complicated issue. David Haller is a mesmerizing character whose own internal logic constantly battles with Amahl's and those around them.