The "wild card" is the element of our pilot, usually embodied in a character, who is an unexpected addition to the audience's expectation of where the plot and story are going. Elliot Alderson's plans may extend to other countries in the future. Elliot's main target is E Corporation, which he refers to as "Evil Corp." Elliot may be a wild card character for the world of Mr. Robot, but his own wild card in the show is Mr. Robot himself, played by Christian Slater. The Mr. Robot pilot plays with time quite a bit. The show is structured the way that Elliot's thoughts are structured; the show itself has a meta, wild card element to it. Rodrigo especially destabilizes Hailey, who comes into the story as our main point-of-view protagonist. Though Mozart in the Jungle is an ensemble, Hailey is initially our window onto this world, and Rodrigo proves to be a wild card for her and everyone else.