Pigment powders pose little immediate damage from ingestion or inhalation, but repeated exposure to small amounts of some pigments can cause chronic poisoning or other serious effects. Copper sulfate may cause skin allergies and irritation. Chronic ingestion can cause anemia. A toxic dust mask and gloves can be used. Potassium bromide in large amounts can cause mental problems and skin rashes. Potassium bichromate is highly toxic by inhalation and is a suspected carcinogen. Skin contact may cause irritations and allergies. Wear gloves, goggles, and a toxic dust mask. A bromoil print that Gene Laughter rendered in a photographic manner, which employed the use of both a brush and brayer for inking. The silver in the original photograph has been replaced by pigment, resulting in an archival print. Bromoil is a marriage of photography, printmaking, and painting. The printing and processing of the matrix are fairly inflexible procedures.