This chapter focuses on silver bromide black-and-white emulsions that can be coated onto a variety of surfaces and handled under an enlarger in a conventional photographic darkroom, yielding a continuous-tone image. Coat-on emulsions are made by numerous companies in the United States and Europe. Each brand of coat-on emulsion has its own characteristics, which are appreciated by its fans. In addition to their capabilities on paper, fabric, glass, metal, mirrors, and ceramics, all enlargement emulsions can be toned and hand colored. These emulsions do not require a negative the same size as the finished print—although that is an option—but can be enlarged onto in a conventional black-and-white darkroom. They can be purchased premixed in photography stores and online retailers or ordered directly from the manufacturer. Enlargement emulsion works beautifully under sizing and gum bichromate prints and the closely related casein.