The images produced by speculative method are in a sense visual hybrids, as the system for their production is akin to that of a gardener: grafting and breeding plants to create new varieties, the photograph brings together both natural and man-made elements in unexpected convergences. This chapter looks at a range of ways to produce layered imagery in both black and white and color, using film and digital printing methods. Interesting creative work can be done using film, which is digitally scanned, corrected, and processed using Photoshop prior to digital output. Layered image-making techniques through multiple exposures can provide scope for more individual and rich results. Darkroom-based photography always had the capacity to produce unexpected results which could be investigated but was lost in the use of programmed image production. The most direct means of layering images on film for use as the final outcome or for color printing in the darkroom is through the use of in-camera multiple exposure.