Cyanotypes, or blueprints, are light-Prussian blue images to deep-Prussian blue images that can be inexpensively printed onto paper and fabric. Properly made, cyanotypes are permanent and can be combined with other hand-applied emulsions as well as traditional artists’ pigments and pastels. Stock solutions are the main concentrate of liquid chemistry from which working mixtures are made. This recipe is for exposing the emulsion under artificial light. Chemical baths applied to the developed cyanotype can turn the image green, violet, black, purple, or red-brown. Cyanotype works beautifully over dry palladium prints. Cyanotype does not affect palladium underneath, and the combination might be perfect for mixing a photogram with a photographic image separated by the processes, or for split toning a print. Certain natural textiles accept cyanotype solution better. Cyanotype can be printed on flannel, hemp, duck canvas, chamois leather, cotton velveteen, linen, and viscose/rayon. Blueprinted fabric pieces can be washed in cool water with a mild liquid soap.