This chapter examines how artifice has become real and how realism of the old-fashioned sort has taken on a new meaning in the film experience. The contributions of digital reality challenged both sides. The consequence has been an increased effort to create and exploit imagined reality and physical reality. In terms of editing styles, the jump cut and pace have been used to create imagined reality, while seamless continuity cutting follow the principles of screen direction and have supported a sense of physical and emotional realism. The artifice of War of the Worlds is to make the invasion and the first attack essentially an observable, credible reality, although in fact it’s imagined. In order to pictorialize such an epic tale of an imagined world, Peter Jackson used special effects in order to create the imagined reality of Middle Earth. The city Minas Tirith, capital of Gondor, and Mordor, the dead city, are pictorialized as centers for good and for evil.