The Politics of Cancer Revisited (PCR) is an update of Samuel Epstein's The Politics of Cancer (PC). The PC is a 20th-century classic. It made out a convincing case that the predominant causes of cancer are environmental carcinogens in the workplace, food, consumer products, drugs, and the general environment, for example, as pollutants. The PCR is multi-dimensional and it has the pragmatic political purpose of publicizing the war against carcinogens. But it is also a profound political analysis of the ideology and science of cancer, and the rationale for its reduction through effective regulation. Anti-cancer campaigns focus on the need for strong national regulations, aimed at eliminating carcinogens from the environment or drastically reducing human exposures. In effect, the campaigns aim at restoring and advancing the national program as it existed in the United States in the late 1970s and before it was subverted by the merchants of cancer.