This chapter reviews the differences between US-China rapprochement and the normalization of diplomatic relations, which materialized in the latter stages of the 1970s. Japan-China relations of the 1970s developed amid the breathtaking changes in the international politics of US-China-USSR relations. Japan-China relations grew and developed rapidly in the 1970s-from the early period of normalization of relations, through the conclusion of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship, to the start of Japanese to China. US-China rapprochement was the core factor determining the success of the aforementioned Nixon/Kissinger diplomacy. In China, a full-scale examination of the international situation began in 1969, the year the Nixon administration started. The Vietnam War was the biggest factor motivating the Nixon administration to embark on revising its global strategy. South Korea especially was shaken by the Nixon administration's plans to draw down troops stationed in South Korea. The Park Chung-hee administration, confronting the North Korean threat, felt a deeper sense of isolation and danger.