Political contact between Japan and China under the second Abe administration began January 25, 2013 with the visit to China by Yamaguchi Natsuo, chief representative of the New Komeito, who delivered a personal letter from Abe. The man most active as the central figure in the Abe administration's China policy was Yachi Shotaro, who was appointed secretary general of the National Security Secretariat (NSS), which was set up in January 2014. Japan-China relations saw an increasing degree of tensions focused on security issues following the radar lock-on incident. A Japan-China summit meeting was realized between Abe and Xi Jinping on November 10, 2014, preceding the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting. Since late 2012 and the launch of new administrations in both countries, Japan-China relations have been shaken by territory and history issues and the founding of a new regional financial institution. Nevertheless, China's posture concerning the security legislation remained all the more restrained.