Unlike ships, cargo is insured for War and Strikes under two separate sets of clauses, the War Clauses and the Strikes Clauses. The Strikes Clauses (Cargo) cover damage caused by strikers, etc. (Clause 1.1), any terrorist or any person acting from a political motive (Clause 1.2), and general average and salvage charges incurred to avoid or in connection with the avoidance of loss from a risk covered (Clause 2). Both the War Clauses (Cargo) and the Strikes Clauses (Cargo) contain exclusions in respect of nuclear weapons. The War Clauses refer to “hostile” use, but the Strikes Clauses do not contain such a qualification. Duration of the insurance cover is different between the Cargo War Clauses and the Cargo Strikes Clauses, and this is explained by the Waterborne Agreement, a marine market agreement which provides that certain types of war risks can only be covered whilst the insured object is afloat.