Sin was founded in Vienna in 1989 by Mona Moore, who in the early 1980s moved from Linz to Vienna to study acting. Sin's style is described as trip-hop or downtempo, a term associated initially with the Bristol sound, represented by bands such as Massive Attack and Portishead, although Sin created it independently. All Sin's three LPs include mainly original material, written jointly by Mona Moore, the lyricist and Andy Orel, the composer and producer of the music. The first record, Insinuation, records the inner life of a young woman, striving for love, yet aware that love ultimately leads to disappointment. The second, Kissing, includes songs about more passionate love, despite or perhaps because lacking in permanence. The third, Absinth, comes as a confession of a woman who, after many adventures, left her love life behind, choosing a solitary existence.